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Outgun 0.5.0-E

Development of Outgun 0.5.0-E has been halted. Check out Outgun 1.0.

Outgun 0.5.0-E is a 0.5.0 compatible release that is mostly aimed toward server admins. To client side, in addition to a few bug fixes, it only offers some small improvements. If you don’t need those, you don’t have to download this version; you can still play on 0.5.0-E servers with your 0.5.0 client. On the other hand, if you do download it, you can still play on 0.5.0 servers too.

Look at a list of new features or known bugs or jump to downloads. There’s a separate page of revision specific information with details not described anywhere else.

Latest news

2004-01-17 Revision 7 (server: bug fix, feature)

Revision 7 is a server-only update. It adds console commands for remote administration of a server. This has already been distributed through PHIN. In addition to that, a fatal bug is fixed regarding servers with a player limit less than 16. The executable update is sufficient: nothing else has changed from rev. 6. For more information see the revisions readme. It’s currently the only location of instructions for setting up and using the administration system.

2004-01-07 Revision 6

Revision 6 fixes some minor bugs, most of which only affect Linux users. The non-Linux bugs are all server-side: a problem when compiling with bots (which is useless), a small possibility to cheat seeing players you’re not supposed to, with a custom client (this bug has been in all versions, 0.5.0 and older included) and a server monitor related bug.

Unless you run a server, you don’t need this update if you are using at least revision 4 (dated 2003-11-11). You can still update with the executable update from any revision of 0.5.0-E, but you might want to download the whole package since some accompanying files have been updated too, including nl.dll. This is important if you run a server on an older Windows (at least 98 SE is old enough).

More news

See the news archive for older news and those not related to 0.5.0-E.


(revision 7 dated 2004-01-17)

There are different sets of files available. If you don’t need the latest server side bug fixes and just want to get started quickly, download an installer by unBugger for Windows. There’s a separate Linux section.

Installing to your existing Outgun folder is not recommended. That will overwrite some files, including gamemod.txt, clconfig.txt, outgun.exe, so you’ll lose your existing settings and also can’t revert back to 0.5.0 without re-installing it. If you use the zip archives, make sure you extract with path information (if it works, don’t worry about this; it is the default in many windowed unzippers).

Even if you want to preserve your old settings, please keep the new gamemod.txt around. It contains important comments about the settings. Also take care with the maps: 0.5.0-E has a more stringent map loader function and it will reject some of the old maps that have errors in them (you don’t have to worry about that if you aren’t running a server). Fixed versions of those maps are provided in the 0.5.0-E packages.

Official zip archives


The installers are by unBugger (MK-HeadShot) (ICQ 207442446). They have small differences to the official zip distributions, most notably they create tons of shortcuts to the start menu and the desktop. Currently they reflect the official revision 5 and so lack the latest server-side bug fixes. These installers are not supported by us (Nix and Huntta), but have been verified and seem to work well.

The Portuguese version has everything translated to Brazilian Portuguese except the game itself.

Minimal packages

You can download the minimal installation package, if you have alleg40.dll (you do if you have Outgun 0.5.0) and copy it to the new folder. The sound theme is also stripped from the minimal versions, so if you want sounds, you must copy the sound/visa folder from a 0.5.0 installation.

The minimal source code package comes without an executable and dll files, so you must compile them yourself. It can also be unzipped over a full installation to add the sources (only unzip the src-folder in that case).

If you have MinGW and all the libraries installed, you will find simple instructions for compiling in src/README.txt. To install the MinGW compiler and the needed libraries, see this short step by step guide.

Linux package

You can install to Linux from the normal full installation package too, or download the minimal source package if you don’t want the sounds or copy them from elsewhere. There is also a Linux optimized option (just it’s not a tar.gz) that is the minimal sources and the sounds together, which equals the full installation with sources, but without outgun.exe and *.dll.

Either way, you will have to compile it yourself following the instructions in readme.linux (except that install.linux doesn’t currently [rev. 7] work without adding ./ before src/leetnet on the cd src/leetnet line). You will need the libraries HawkNL and Allegro set up in order to compile and run it. This guide will help you with installing the libraries.

Updated 2004-04-04 – Niko Ritari