Outgun / 0.5.0-E / Features

New features in version 0.5.0-E

Gameplay affecting server features

Other server features

Note: Kick, ban and mute options

These options require admin access to the server. That is done with a separate program that is not included in the packages. It will be released separately when it’s good enough, or maybe the functionality built into Outgun directly in a future version. At this point, only a single user using the same computer can use the admin features. If that is enough, an incomplete version and/or it’s sources are available by contacting Nix.

Console commands

Console commands work by typing them when you are on the server, like if you were typing a message. The commands begin with a slash.

/helpList the supported commands.
/infoShows info about the server.
/configShows some info about server configuration, e.g. capture limit and time limit.
/statsSee your stats.
/mapinfoShows info about a map.
/timeShows the server uptime, the map time and time left in the map.
/votemapVote a map or see the maplist and votes.
/sayadminSend a message to the server admin.

Client side features

Updated 2004-01-03 – Niko Ritari