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Outgun 1.0 bot test

The bot test version is now followed by newer test versions that have improved bots and a lot of unrelated additions. However, until they stabilize a little, the old bot test version is still kept available here.

The Outgun 1.0 bot test is built over Outgun 1.0. It adds support for computer players (bots) which is not yet stable enough to be in the main branch. All the changes are in the server, and it is compatible with regular Outgun 1.0. See the documentation to learn how to use the bots.


Latest news

2006-03-01 Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 released

An improved bot test version has been released. In 1.0.3 bot 2, these are the most important improvements:

2006-02-19 Outgun 1.0.3 bot 1 released

The first Outgun 1.0 bot test version has been released. 1.0.3 bot 1 allows servers to have computer players (bots), whose AI was created by Peter Kosyh. The version is still in test phase and has both bugs and other deficiencies, but to answer to players’ demand, it is released now as it is, and updated versions will follow.

More news

See the news archive for older news and those not related to 1.0 bot test.


The bot test version requires all the support files of Outgun 1.0.3, so you need to download it first. These downloads only contain the executable or the source code for it, and the few other files changed after 1.0.3.

Updated 2006-03-01 – Niko Ritari