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Outgun graphics themes

You can make your own Outgun graphics theme. A theme is a set of pictures which are in the PCX format.


Basic information

Textures are tiled on the floor and walls. Sprites are used for players, rockets, powerups and flags. Outgun scales the sprites depending on the resolution.

Some sprites have an alpha channel for translucency and some for team or personal colour. Due to restrictions of the PCX format, alpha channels must be in separate files. Alpha channel pictures are 256-colour (8-bit) greyscale pictures. The lighter the alpha channel is the more colour or opacity the sprite will have. In the sprites that do not have an alpha channel, the transparent parts are purple (RGB 255, 0, 255).

Create a directory with the name of your theme under the graphics directory, e.g. Mytheme. That is the name which is seen in the graphics setup menu in Outgun. Put the pictures of the theme there.


The size of the textures must be 2n×2m, e.g. 64×32 pixels. Notice that the texture files can and usually should be 8-bit images, which decreases the file size quite dramatically when compared to 24 bits.

Floor textures

IDPurposeFile name
0default floorfloor_normal1.pcx
1alternative floorfloor_normal2.pcx
2alternative floorfloor_normal3.pcx
3red team floorfloor_red.pcx
4blue team floorfloor_blue.pcx

Wall textures

IDPurposeFile name
0default wallwall_normal1.pcx
1alternative wallwall_normal2.pcx
2alternative wallwall_normal3.pcx
3red team wallwall_red.pcx
4blue team wallwall_blue.pcx


The recommended size of the player sprites is 256×256 pixels. The collidable area is a circle with a diameter of half the picture.

File namePurpose
player.pcxThe main player sprite.
player_team.pcxAlpha channel for the team colour.
player_personal.pcxAlpha channel for the player colour.
player_shield.pcxPlayer’s shield sprite.
player_shield_team.pcxAlpha channel for the team colour.
dead.pcxSprite seen when the player dies.
dead_team.pcxAlpha channel for the team colour.
dead_alpha.pcxAlpha channel for the dead sprite.
ice_cream.pcxSprite seen instead of ice cream, “virou sorvete”.


The recommended size of the rocket sprites is 32×32 pixels.

File namePurpose
rocket.pcxNormal rocket sprite.
rocket_team.pcxAlpha channel for the team colour.
rocket_pow.pcxPower rocket sprite.
rocket_pow_team.pcxAlpha channel for the team colour.


The recommended size of the powerup sprites is 128×128 pixels.


The recommended size of the flag sprite is 256×256 pixels.

File namePurpose
flag.pcxFlag sprite.
flag_team.pcxAlpha channel for the team colour.

Background image

Starting from Outgun 1.0.3, you can use a background image on the game screen. Name it as background.pcx. It is tiled on the screen background and has the same restrictions as the textures.

Updated 2006-02-13 – Jani Rivinoja