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Outgun sound themes

If you want sounds in the game, you must provide sound files with the following names for the respective game events.

File nameEvent
1_min.wav1 minute remaining in the game
5_min.wav5 minutes remaining in the game
capture.wavflag capture
chanteam.wavplayer change teams
colldam.wavplayers collide with damage to one of them (special: if this sample does not exist, hit.wav is used instead)
death1.wavplayer death
death2.wavanother player death
diedb.wavdie by the deathbringer poison cloud
entergam.wavplayer enters game
fire.wavplayer shoots
gameover.wavCTF game is over
getdb.wavget the deathbringer powerup
got.wavplayer gets enemy flag
helmoff.wavshadow powerup worn off
helmon.wavshadow powerup got
hit.wavplayer shot hits target
hitdb.wavplayer is struck by the deathbringer shockwave
leftgam.wavplayer leaves game
lost.wavplayer loses enemy flag
megaheal.wavplayer gets the megahealth powerup
plbounce.wavtwo players bounce from each other
quadfire.wavplayer shoots with power powerup
quadoff.wavpower powerup worn off
quadon.wavpower powerup got
qwallhit.wava powered player shot hits a wall
return.wavflag returned to base
shieldd.wava player’s shield is hit
shieldl.wava player’s shield wears out
shieldp.wavplayer receives a shield
speedoff.wavspeed powerup wears off
speedon.wavspeed powerup got
spree.wavkilling spree (10, 20, 30, etc. kills in a row without dying)
talk.wavmessage from other player received on screen
usedb.wavuse of the deathbringer when the carrier dies
wabounce.wavplayer bounces out of wall
wallhit.wava player shot hits a wall
weaponup.wavplayer picks up a weapon upgrade

After that, you must create a directory under the sound directory, e.g. C:\outgun\sound\mysounds.

Then place your sounds there. You can add a theme.txt text file to this directory. The first line of the file will contain the description of your sound theme.

If you want to have the same sound in two events, you don’t have to copy the sound file. Instead, you can make a redirection. To make player bounce sound same as wall bounce sound, make plbounce.txt file. Write on the first line of that file wabounce. That way Outgun uses wabounce.wav instead of plbounce.wav.

Updated 2004-12-14 – Jani Rivinoja