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How to play

This is a small guide for playing Outgun, including more details than the in-game help. The guide applies to Outgun 1.0 but the gameplay was almost the same in 0.5.0.


Game concept

You are a member of a team, either red or blue, assigned to you at random when you connect. Your goal is to help your team to win, by capturing the enemy flag. To capture the flag, a member of your team must steal the enemy flag and bring it to your team’s flag, provided your flag has not been stolen already.

There can also be several red or blue flags or even green flags in some maps. The green flags can usually be captured by either team but on some servers you may also capture the enemy flag on them. The majority of the maps have only one blue and one red flag though.

The best strategy when you are carrying a flag is usually to go near your team’s base, so when your flag is returned, you can capture the enemy flag without too much delay. Avoid bringing the flag back to the enemy and giving them an easy capture.

The game can be capture or time limited. You can see that in the server info screen by pressing F5.

Moving and shooting

You move by arrow keys or keypad. If you have a joystick, you can also use that for moving by first setting it up in the controls menu. Shift is for running and alt for strafing, that means your gun won’t turn. You shoot with control keys. Notice that if you get hit, you can’t shoot for a second.

At the bottom left of the screen are the health and energy bars. If your health drops to zero, you die. Energy is used for running, shooting and health protection when you have the shield powerup. Health and energy regenerate to 200 with time.

If you want to make a suicide, which is sometimes useful when you have a deathbringer powerup, press delete. To drop the flag to your teammate, you don’t have to kill yourself. Simply just press page down.


On the upper-right corner of the screen is the minimap. It shows your teammates and the opponents seen by them. If you have the shadow powerup, it shows all the opponents who don’t have the shadow themselves.


If you see an item lying on the ground, grab it. It is a special powerup item.

weapon upgradeYou get an additional rocket up to the server limit and more energy.
turboYou get more speed (time limited).
shadowYou become invisible and see opponents on the minimap (time limited).
weapon powerYour shots make more damage (time limited).
megahealthYou get more health and energy.
shieldYour health is protected while the shield lasts. You also get some energy with this powerup.
deathbringerDamage players on the same room when you die.

Map list

The map list of the server can be seen by pressing F2. The current map is in yellow. You can also see the number of votes for each map. Your own vote is indicated by an asterisk ‘*’.

On the same list, you can vote for the next map by typing the map number and pressing enter. If you want to vote to end the current game, press F8. More than half of the players is needed to end the game.

The next map is chosen according to the votes. If several maps have an equal number of votes (non-zero), the next map is the one that was last played the longest time ago. If no maps have any votes, the next map in the list will be played.


Chatting is quite straightforward: type your message and hit enter. Then your message will be sent to everyone. If you want to talk only to your team, begin the message with a dot. From version 1.0.3 you will see a ‘Say team’ text to indicate the team talk.

Console commands

The chat input is used for console commands too. The commands begin with a slash.

/helpSee the supported commands.
/infoSee info about the server.
/timeSee the server uptime, the map time and time left in the map.
/sayadminSend a message to the server admin.

Server admins can use several other commands too.


You can take a screenshot of the game with F11. The image is saved in the PCX format in the screens directory with a name outgxxx.pcx where xxx is an increasing number. The size of the image is the same as your game screen and the colour depth is 24 bits. If you want to use the image in the web, convert it to PNG. You can usually also decrease the colour depth to 8 bits without much loss in the quality while saving space.

Key summary

Movearrow keys or keypad
StrafeAlt or Alt Gr
Other game keys
TalkJust type your message and hit Enter.
Team talkBegin your message with a dot (‘.’).
Change teamControl+End
Drop flagPage Down
Map listF2
Vote map changeF8
Zoom inControl+keypad plus
Zoom outControl+keypad minus
Increase lagP+keypad plus
Decrease lagP+keypad minus
Replay keys
Play fasterPage Up
Play slowerPage Down
Play normal speedHome
Change roomarrow keys
Zoom inkeypad plus
Zoom outkeypad minus
Common keys
Show more messagesInsert
Show pingsTab
Toggle namesControl+N
Toggle soundControl+M
In-game helpF1
Team statsF3
Player statsF4
Server infoF5
Enlarge playfieldF12
Toggle fullscreenAlt+Enter

The purpose of increasing lag is to even the game by introducing a handicap. Of course, you can’t decrease it below your normal lag.

Updated 2008-03-18 – Jani Rivinoja