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Server monitor

This document describes the use of a server monitor program called srvmonit.

Beginning with Outgun 1.0.4, srvmonit is included in the source package, but if you don’t compile Outgun yourself, you need to download it separately from the tools section.



If you run your server in port 25000 without setting srvmonit_port in the gamemod, or set srvmonit_port to 24500, you can just run the srvmonit program without arguments. Otherwise start srvmonit with for the srvmonit_port setting, which defaults to server port - 500. For example, run “srvmonit 24501” for Outgun server in port 25001.

Srvmonit will output the same things on screen as it saves to a srvmonit.log text file.


You can send a message to the server by pressing S and typing the message. That way also commands can be used – those start with a slash, ‘/’.

You can also kick, ban and mute players: hit K for kick or B for ban, then the player’s number, then capital Y to confirm. Muting a player means that their messages won’t show on the server. Pressing M toggles the modes. Silent means the player won’t know they have been muted.

Downside of kick, ban and mute commands is that they only work for the first ten players. Better way is to use command messages: /kick, /ban, /mute, /smute.

If you don’t want the sayadmin messages as separate message boxes (with their complications), add a Q as the first command line argument (for example “srvmonit q” or “srvmonit q 24501”).

You can basically see every text message that the players see. Some basic statistics of players can be found by hitting 0 to 9 (without first pressing K or B), for the player of that number.

Pressing P prints everyone’s pings. R makes the server reload the gamemod.


0 to 9print a player’s statistics or kick, ban or mute if active
Ktoggle kick mode
Btoggle ban mode
Mtoggle mute modes
Ssend a message
Pprint pings
Rreload gamemod
Qtoggle message boxes

Updated 2008-03-18 – Niko Ritari, Jani Rivinoja