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2008-03-18Test versions available
2006-03-01Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 released
2006-02-19Outgun 1.0.3 bot 1 released
2006-02-14Portuguese translation in Outgun 1.0.3 fixed
2006-02-13Outgun 1.0.3 released
2005-05-25Outgun 1.0.2 released
2005-02-07Outgun 1.0.1 released
2005-01-261.0.0 source package fixed
2005-01-25Outgun 1.0.0 released
2004-12-291.0.0 beta revision 16
2004-12-141.0.0 beta revision 15
2004-12-081.0.0 beta revision 14
2004-11-121.0.0 beta revision 13
2004-10-141.0.0 beta revision 12 re-released with a fix
2004-10-141.0.0 beta revision 12
2004-10-03Section for additional packages added
2004-09-11Web server problems solved
2004-07-101.0.0 beta revision 9
2004-05-011.0.0 beta revision 7
2004-04-241.0.0 beta revision 6
2004-04-211.0.0 beta revision 4
2004-04-19Outgun 1.0.0 in beta testing
2004-04-16Web site moved
2004-02-03Screenshots and 0.8.5 map converter
2004-02-02Compiler guide in Brazilian
2004-01-170.5.0-E revision 7 (server: bug fix, feature)
2004-01-08Re-released 0.5.0-E revision 6
2004-01-070.5.0-E revision 6
2004-01-03Web page updated
2003-12-02Compiling guide added
2003-11-18New executable installers
2003-11-120.5.0-E revision 5
2003-11-110.5.0-E revision 4
2003-11-070.5.0-E revision 3
2003-10-19Executable installers added
2003-10-150.5.0-E revision 2


2008-03-18 Test versions available

Our current development code is now available as a test version. Calling it version 1.0.4 is still far away, so we decided to let everyone look at the work in progress.

There are some great new features and lots of smaller ones added, as well as bugs corrected from 1.0.3. Some of the most important features, all of which can be turned off at will, are:

Unfortunately, being still under development, many of the features are not exactly how we like them yet, and especially not always user friendly. There are also probably lots of new bugs.

From now on, new test versions will be released quite often whenever development is in progress. Remember to check back here, as there is no automatic notification within Outgun for new test versions (yet), like there is for final releases.

2006-03-01 Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 released

An improved bot test version has been released. In 1.0.3 bot 2, these are the most important improvements:

2006-02-19 Outgun 1.0.3 bot 1 released

The first Outgun 1.0 bot test version has been released. 1.0.3 bot 1 allows servers to have computer players (bots), whose AI was created by Peter Kosyh. The version is still in test phase and has both bugs and other deficiencies, but to answer to players’ demand, it is released now as it is, and updated versions will follow.

2006-02-14 Portuguese translation in Outgun 1.0.3 fixed

Outgun 1.0.3 as originally released had an annoying error in the Portuguese translation. The 1.0.3 packages now available (with _fix1 in their name, except for the Linux dedicated server package) include the fixed languages/ptBR.txt. To fix the Portuguese language in the original packages, you can only download the fixed ptBR.txt and save it in Outgun’s languages directory replacing the old ptBR.txt.

2006-02-13 Outgun 1.0.3 released

The longest time without updates since we started our Outgun project has finally ended. Outgun 1.0.3 both adds features and fixes the bugs found in 1.0.2 while remaining compatible with the previous 1.0 versions. Some of the bugs were nasty enough that we recommend updating to both players and server administrators. The most noticeable changes apart from bugfixes are:

2005-05-25 Outgun 1.0.2 released

Outgun 1.0.2 fixes quite many bugs of 1.0.1, and is recommended for both players and servers. It is fully compatible with 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. The noticeable changes apart from bugfixes are:

Additionally, a separate precompiled dedicated server package for Linux is now available. It includes only the files needed for running a server and doesn’t require the X window system.

2005-02-07 Outgun 1.0.1 released

Outgun 1.0.1 fixes bugs that were quickly found in 1.0.0 thanks to the increased amount of players and games. This update is fully compatible with both clients and servers of version 1.0.0, and of little use unless you run a server. The noticeable changes apart from bugfixes are:

2005-01-26 1.0.0 source package fixed

The automatic compilation script compile.sh was corrupted (missing one character) in the initial release of 1.0.0 source code package. That made it not work at all.

If you need the script, you can download the fixed version of the source package, or manually edit the file by adding a double quotation mark to the end of line 108, after the word “its”. To do this automatically, execute:

mv compile.sh compile.sh.bak && sed "s/installing its$/installing its\"/" < compile.sh.bak > compile.sh && chmod +x compile.sh

2005-01-25 Outgun 1.0.0 released

Outgun 1.0.0 is finally released. It is the result of over a year’s work after 0.5.0-E, including the badly prolonged beta testing period with more features added than bugs found. Many bugs of previous versions are fixed, and there are very many new features. Only the basic gameplay hasn’t changed dramatically.

We hope to see a rapid growth in the amount of both players and servers, now that Outgun is more stable, good looking, and feature-rich than ever. If you like it, tell your friends about it – Outgun is not a good single-player game!

These are the major changes from the last beta version, in addition to bug fixes.

2004-12-29 1.0.0 beta revision 16

In addition to six bug fixes, revision 16 includes several improvements, most of which are suggestions from the forum:

2004-12-14 1.0.0 beta revision 15

Revision 15 is mostly a bugfix release with 6 bugfixes, with one of the bugs being fatal. There also is a larger change to the game mechanics: the new player_collisions special gamemod setting enables special effects when players with powerups collide - including damaging one or both of the players. The idea and part of its implementation are by Spinal. Other changes include:

Revision 15 is fully compatible with revision 14, but because of the bug fixes, upgrading is recommended whether you run a server or a client.

2004-12-08 1.0.0 beta revision 14

Revision 14 introduces yet some larger changes, but they should not be vulnerable to bugs, so now we’re really hoping to have on our hands the final beta release. Most notable changes are:

2004-11-12 1.0.0 beta revision 13

The good intentions of making beta 12 a feature-complete last release before final, have been miserably crushed by our greed for features. Revision 13 has in its code much larger changes from rev. 12 than 0.5.0-E ever had from 0.5.0. From the user point of view, less so. The most notable feature is support for rather complete translations of the game easily by just editing one text file. So far there are no translations to use, but we hope to have Finnish and Brazilian Portuguese available by the time 1.0.0 goes final. Here is the tip of the iceberg of other changes:

2004-10-14 1.0.0 beta revision 12 re-released with a fix

The revision 12 packages released earlier have a nasty bug that makes servers not appear on the master list. In the hopes that no one was fast enough to grab it, it’s re-released with the same revision number. Get the new release if your server can’t get to master list but doesn’t complain about it. There is a bug in Outgun (not adhering to HTTP specifications), and a bug in the master server script which doesn’t check for that kind of wrong input properly. Furthermore, a mistake was made in not testing that feature before releasing.

2004-10-14 1.0.0 beta revision 12

Coinciding with the one year birthday of Outgun 0.5.0-E, Outgun 1.0.0 beta 12 is also published on October 14. It aims to be the last beta release before final 1.0.0, assuming no strange bugs come up. In addition to the two bugs it hopes to fix, it adds quite a list of small feature changes that have been collecting during the summer. Let’s hope none of these break anything.

2004-10-03 Section for additional packages added

A new section has been added for additional packages. There will be themes and maps that aren’t included in the primary distribution packages. The section is opened with a cool new graphics theme for Outgun 1.0.x, Capture the Cow by Kasper Hviid.

2004-09-11 Web server problems solved

There have been problems with the website, probably since 2004-09-08 when the web server was reconfigured by MBnet. Until yesterday any requests within /outgun resulted in a “500 Internal Server Error”. After that, there were problems with the server list. Now there is a workaround in place and the server list has only lost its automatic language selection.

2004-07-10 1.0.0 beta revision 9

The biggest change in revision 9 is the physics. Two new gamemod variables are added to control it. They allow more similarity with 0.5.0, and greater adjustability all round. As described in the gamemod documentation, brake_acceleration and turn_acceleration control the relative acceleration when accelerating backwards or to the side. Important: you will also need to update your gamemod both to get the new physics and to keep the old model. See the download page for instructions.

In addition to the physics, the friendly fire settings have been improved. Now instead of just turning them on or off, you can set the percentage of damage done relative to enemy fire.

Further, some small bugs have been fixed, but two major ones remain. They will be addressed in rev. 10 hopefully.

2004-05-01 1.0.0 beta revision 7

Revision 7 contains many bug fixes as always (see the known issues page), in fact there’s currently only one known bug yet awaiting a fix.

Finally, the sources are publicly available, after we had them compile in Linux and also with Microsoft Visual C++. They still lack a proper compilation guide, see the download page for all available info.

2004-04-24 1.0.0 beta revision 6

Revision 6 contains some bug fixes as always (see the known issues page) and new logging in leetnet that should help diagnose some of the currently unsolved problems. Save and send the log\leetclientdata.bin and leetserverdata.bin with bug reports, when the bug isn’t repeatable. To fix the “address already in use” error, download both the executable and the new support file package because it contains an updated nl.dll.

2004-04-21 1.0.0 beta revision 4

Revision 4 contains some bug fixes (see the known issues page) and a new menu for controls. The primary use is to select which joystick buttons to use. The changes are numerous and updating to it is thus very much recommended. Revision 3 is still passable but don’t report “mystery bugs” for revisions 1 and 2 anymore, they’re too likely caused by the one bug that was fixed.

2004-04-19 Outgun 1.0.0 in beta testing

Beta testing for version 1.0.0 is open. Everyone is welcome to participate, but we hope for a moderate start so please avoid posting about it in the forum, before the first batch of bugs has been eliminated.

See also the new sections. Documentation contains information about editing maps and themes for Outgun 1.0.0, among other things. The tools section collects the external tools that aren’t part of Outgun.

2004-04-16 Web site moved

The web site has moved to http://koti.mbnet.fi/outgun/ (no more npr in the URL). All old URLs still work and will work in the future, but for maximal neatness you might want to update your links.

At the same time, there’s a shared e-mail account opened at outgun@mbnet.fi. That account is read by both of us, and is recommended unless you specifically want one of us.

2004-02-03 Screenshots and 0.8.5 map converter

Published three screenshots from the next version that mostly illustrate the new graphics with antialiasing and textures and all. I’m also hoping it will get to beta in a few weeks.

Also published is a map converter that automatically converts 0.8.5 format maps to the 0.5.0 format. Hope some of you who feel the 0.8.5 format is easier to edit will benefit from this!

2004-02-02 Compiler guide in Brazilian

The guide to compiling Outgun is now also available in a Brazilian Portuguese translation by PHIN, thanks! Also the future version page was updated with the latest additions; some screenshots are coming soon...

2004-01-17 0.5.0-E revision 7 (server: bug fix, feature)

Revision 7 is a server-only update. It adds console commands for remote administration of a server. This has already been distributed through PHIN. In addition to that, a fatal bug is fixed regarding servers with a player limit less than 16. The executable update is sufficient: nothing else has changed from rev. 6. For more information see the revisions readme. It’s currently the only location of instructions for setting up and using the administration system.

2004-01-08 Re-released 0.5.0-E revision 6

I made a stupid mistake with revision 6 released yesterday... It was compiled using Allegro 4.1.11 while released with Allegro 4.0.3 dll, so of course it doesn’t work on a machine without alleg41.dll. The files now on the site are compiled using Allegro 4.0.3 again and should work. If you did download the previous release, you can save time by downloading just the missing alleg41.dll (zip file, 294k).

2004-01-07 0.5.0-E revision 6

Revision 6 fixes some minor bugs, most of which only affect Linux users. The non-Linux bugs are all server-side: a problem when compiling with bots (which is useless), a small possibility to cheat seeing players you’re not supposed to, with a custom client (this bug has been in all versions, 0.5.0 and older included) and a server monitor related bug.

Unless you run a server, you don’t need this update if you are using at least revision 4 (dated 2003-11-11). You can still update with the executable update from any revision of 0.5.0-E, but you might want to download the whole package since some accompanying files have been updated too, including nl.dll. This is important if you run a server on an older Windows (at least 98 SE is old enough).

2004-01-03 Web page updated

After a months silence, the web pages are updated with a hopefully better structure. Outgun development has also been slowish lately, with just a few features added to the development version and no released fixes for 0.5.0-E. A Linux-centered fix release is coming soon.

2003-12-02 Compiling guide added

Added a step by step guide to installing MinGW and the libraries. This is useful if you want to compile Outgun yourself and haven’t been able to do that before.

2003-11-18 New executable installers

The installers by unBugger (MK-HeadShot) have been updated, and now include the revision 5 executable with all the bug fixes.

2003-11-12 0.5.0-E revision 5

Sorry to spam with these updates! This one (revision 5) is a server-only update. It fixes two vulnerabilities, one critical that can (and has been used to) crash the server, and a less critical one that can be used to flood other clients with meaningless data. The executable update is sufficient to fix this too.

2003-11-11 0.5.0-E revision 4

Small one-feature update (yet called revision 4) released. The only difference is that you can now close the window with normal Windows features (including the X-button), and don’t need Ctrl-F12 to do that. You don’t need this update, but if you don’t download it, forcing the program to close with the X-button will continue to cause trouble (it may leave the program running in the background). You don’t need to download the whole package to install the fix; here is smaller zip file containing only the exe (193k).

2003-11-07 0.5.0-E revision 3

“Revision 3” released with some changes:

2003-10-19 Executable installers added

Added two executable installers by MK-HeadShot with start menu shortcuts and all.

2003-10-15 0.5.0-E revision 2

The 0.5.0-E packages released on 2003-10-14 contained a bug that has been fixed. The fix is strongly recommended to anyone running a public server. For private servers the bug should rarely occur, and if you only use your Outgun to play on other people’s servers, it doesn’t affect you at all. If your outgun.exe is newer than 2003-10-14, you already have it fixed.

Updated 2008-03-18 – Niko Ritari